The best All Might cosplay

Inside the My Hero Academia universe ( Boku no Hīrō Akademia ) there are many characters that stand out for their appearance and qualities. This manga and anime tells the story of teenage boys who attend an Academy to become superheroes. One of the instructors and the main superhero of this world is All Might. He is the most powerful and one of the few users of the Don All For All. We are going to review some of the best All Might cosplay that can be found.

All Might Cosplay

All cosplay Might

In the most classic version of him, All Might’s character usually appears wearing his traditional superhero costume. This consists of a tight blue mesh with a white stripe and two finer red ones on the chest; something similar to the sides of his waist. In addition, he wears large golden bracelets with two spikes and a belt in the same shade. The outfit is completed with boots of the same color. The fundamental detail is the blonde hair, not too short, with two strands on the forehead that rise like horns . The marks on his face represent the shadows of the character in the strip. This All Might cosplay is the work of Gatz Cosplay.

All Might Cosplay

The classic suit is not the only one that All Might wears in the series. On some occasions, although they are the least, he appears wearing an alternative costume. He keeps the bracelets, belt and boots, but modifies his clothing. The pants are blue with some white touches on the sides. The upper part is a tight red mesh with several white circles in the center of the chest and arms. In addition, it adds a blue cape that brings it closer to the classic superhero style. Junkers Cosplay brings us this excellent All Might cosplay.

All Might female cosplay

Cosplay femenino

In the world of cosplay, the gender issue is quite overcome. No matter what body you have, you can adopt the characterization of the character that you like the most without problems. In this case, we have a female adaptation of an All Might cosplay . To do this, anniegraves.cosplay uses a costume very similar to the original, with all the accessories. The distinctive detail is given by the hair, which is long and blonde , while the peaks are formed with a kind of crown. An original idea, to adapt this character to a female role.

Peace Symbol Cosplay

All Might Cosplay

While All Might is the most powerful superhero in the My Hero Academia world, his supremacy doesn’t last forever. After a terrible battle against All For One, whom he barely defeats, his powers are exhausted. At that moment, he assumes his original form and is seen to be heavily damaged. This incredible All Migh cosplay recreates that moment and is the work of the artist Sosenka . In his original form, All Might has a very skinny body that he covers with a white T-shirt and green pants. In this recreation you can see a great job forming the wound on the chest and a wig that is exactly the same as the original . An impeccable job.