The Best Deku Cosplay

The manga and anime called My Hero Academia (Boku no Hīrō Akademia) tells the story of Izuku Midoriya , also known as Deku . In a world where there are heroes and villains with super powers, this young student tries to become a savior like his idol All Might. The manga, which is still published, began to circulate in 2014 and a year later the anime adaptation was made. Without a doubt, the most beloved character in the saga is its protagonist. Therefore, we are going to see some of the best Deku cosplay to inspire fans of the series.

Izuku Midoriya cosplay

Deku cosplay

Deku’s basic cosplay is the one that includes his sports suit from the U.A. Academy , the place where superheroes train. It is a sports jacket with short sleeves and a stand-up collar, and pants, all in blue. Several white stripes form geometric figures and on the sleeves it has a red detail. The most distinctive thing is the hairstyle, with the hair completely tousled green and black. And, of course, the inevitable freckles on the cheeks .


Another possible option for a Deku cosplay is to use the formal suit instead of the sports one. In this case, it is a gray jacket with bluish green stripes on the cuffs and lapels, which is used for dress pants. Underneath, a white shirt with a red tie finishes the look. Here we see him together with Denki Kaminari , another U.A. student. trying to become a hero. It is a good choice for cosplay ensemble.

Deku cosplay with heroes outfit

Throughout the saga, Deku had several hero suits that he modified to make him more suitable for battle. The first one was made by his mother, but then it broke and the academy was rebuilding it.

Deku cosplay

Possibly the most iconic costume, and the preferred one for Deku cosplay, is the Beta costume . It is a completely teal set and, unlike the Alfa, the details on the sides and sleeves are black and not white. He also has a red belt with several pockets, short white gloves and red boots. It also has a metal mask in the shape of a smile , with holes for breathing. And of course the classic freckles and tousled green hair that make it unmistakable.

Deku with All Might

In this case, we also see Deku with his Beta suit, where you can see the lower part: black knee pads and red boots . In addition, he is in the company of All Might , the main superhero of the saga, who serves as inspiration for the protagonist. The All Might costume is much more elaborate, and therefore difficult to make. Either way, they both make a great Deku cosplay duo.

As we can see, there are many interesting ideas to put together a good Deku cosplay. Several outfits and options, plus some companions that can work very well as a duo or as a team.