The Best Hinata Cosplay

Naruto is undoubtedly one of the most famous and loved manga and anime. . The story of the teenage ninja captures fans through various battles and adventures throughout the saga. Within this universe, Hinata Hyūga’s character stands out for being a woman with a different personality. She is the former heir to his clan and, over the course of the story, she becomes Naruto’s wife. But that’s not the only thing she does. On the contrary, she is about a strong and skilled fighter. Let’s review some of the best Hinata cosplay .

Hinata girl cosplay

Hinata cosplay

In the beginning of the story, Hinata is a girl who trains to be a ninja. She wears short dark blue hair, with two locks that frame her face along with straight bangs . Her clothing consists of a cream-colored jacket and black pants. Since she got her Genin rank from her, she wears her ninja band around her neck . Like Naruto, she wears a bandage and a holster with her weapons on her right leg. But no Hinata cosplay would be complete without the fundamental detail: her eyes are completely white , like those of everyone in her clan. Contact lenses can be used to give this touch.

Hinata cosplay: part two

Hinata cosplay

Already in part 2 of the saga, Hinata grows her hair and adopts a much more beautiful and demonstrative image. She keeps the locks on the side of her face, but they are much longer. Her clothing consists of a lavender and white jacket </ strong>, which she wears over a black mesh shirt . She also wears navy blue pants and traditional black sandals. She continues to wear her ninja band around her neck and, of course, completely white eyes. This fantastic Hinata cosplay is the work of @uniquesora .

Adult Hinata cosplay

Hinata cosplay

As the character grows, she changes her appearance in a notorious way. When she is an adult, Hinata changes her wardrobe for one that is more comfortable for battle and, also, a little more revealing. She is a short kimono and lavender sleeveless , fitted at the waist with a purple obi . She wears navy blue shorts and translucent black stockings that reveal her thighs. She ditched the sandals for black knee-high boots. This Hinata cosplay is the creation of the people of Saikouanime

Hinata with black bride

Hinata black wedding

Falling under Toneri’s control, Hinata wore a completely black wedding dress for her wedding, highlighted by her pale skin. She consists of a sleeveless dress , with a pleated sash and gloves up higher than the elbows . In addition, the black veil with golden decorative details that she combines perfectly. This Hinata cosplay by 啊 川 _Azey is the most original.

We have seen several different outfits for this character and they all have their peculiarity. Without a doubt, Hinata is a great option for an eye-catching cosplay.