The Best Kill la Kill Cosplay

The Kill la Kill anime ( Kiru ra Kiru ) is one of the most popular in Japan and around the world. The story takes place at Honnoji Academy, where students have special costumes made from living fiber that give them skills. Within this institute, the characters have different stories and conflicts. Several of them represent a great attraction to make Kill la Kill cosplay very striking and extraordinary. Some of the more interesting ideas, below.

Ryuko cosplay from Kill la Kill

Kill la Kill cosplay

Ryuko Matoi is the protagonist of the anime Kill la Kill. She is an exchange student who arrives at the institute determined to find out who the murderer of her father is. Her battle suit is extremely striking, consisting of black sleeves and skirt with red and white details. Square elbow and wrist guards give it a more spectacular touch. The huge and asymmetrical shoulder pads, one of them with yellow and orange colors. Long black boots above her knee give more sensuality to an outfit that reveals a lot of skin. Her hairstyle is with a bangs and several red streaks in her black hair. But the most characteristic thing is his red scissor-shaped sword , essential for a good Kill la Kill cosplay.

Satsuki cosplay from Kill la Kill

Satsuki cosplay

Another very important character in the series is Satsuki Kiryuin. She is one of Ryuko’s antagonists and president of the Hannoji Academy student council. She has a rivalry with Ryuko from the first moment, although then her relationship becomes more enjoyable. This Kill la Kill cosplay is not based on her battle form, but on a more normal presentation. It consists of a mostly white suit with gold details , mainly in the fringed shoulder pads. In addition, the bow on the chest in light blue and orange add color. She also has a gold belt. But the fundamental point is the sword: a super sharp katana called Bakuzan.

Ragyo Cosplay

Kill la Kill cosplay

Ragyo Kiryuin is Satsuki’s mother and Ryuko’s main enemy in the series. She is the director of the Revocs Corporation, a textile company that makes the suits with living fiber. In this Kill la Kill cosplay we see the main elements of this character. She highlights the short white hair that opens at the sides of her showing a series of striking colors: red, yellow, green and turquoise. She has a tight metallic simile necklace, just like her belt, and a very low-cut white dress. Also, some feathers around her shoulders with a lot of glamor.

Mako cosplay

Kill la Kill cosplay

Lastly, we have Mako Mankanshoku, Ryuko’s best friend who also attends high school. Her outfit consists of a white T-shirt with a light blue bow at the neck and a skirt of the same color, white stockings and brown shoes. In addition, her fighting costume includes a black cape with a high neck and gold details, with shoulder pads in the form of red pinches. She is completed with a belt with two stars and a police cap with a crescent moon.