The Best Naruto Cosplay

Possibly, Naruto is one of the most well-known and loved manga and anime series by fans of the genre. The protagonist is Naruto Uzumaki, a teenage ninja who seeks to become the leader of his village and be respected and known by all. This beloved character is one of the most used to imitate and dress like him, although there are different costume options. Here we present you the best Naruto cosplay so you can get some ideas.

Naruto cosplay

Naruto cosplay

The classic outfit to dress up as Naruto is the one we see here. An orange tracksuit with blue details in the shoulder area , and a white stand-up collar, added to orange pants, form the character’s basic clothing. On the feet, blue shinobi sandals with black soles. However, the most distinctive details are on the head: the characteristic hairstyle with very tousled short blonde hair and the brow guard with the Uzumaki clan insignia engraved on a metal plate. In addition, three black lines on each cheek are a fundamental mark for a good Naruto cosplay. The detail to take into account is the bandage and the holster that he wears tied on his right knee, where he carries his weapons.

Naruto cosplay

A second possibility is to use the suit combined with black , which belongs to the second part of the saga. His original clothing was damaged during his training, so Naruto adopted a new outfit, which retains the orange color but replaces the blue . His neck is also modified, being completely black and closed to the top. The headband and sandals also change to black to form this Naruto cosplay.

Hyper-realistic cosplay

Hyper realistic cosplay

This fabulous highly realistic Naruto cosplay was created by @bakkacosplay . It is highly detailed and very well achieved thanks to the incorporation of shadows in the suit itself. In addition, it adds a armor made up of a chest, shoulder pads, and shin and arm protections. This clothing is not the most common, but it is used by the characters at some point in the saga. It also incorporates a red cape and a mask that covers his mouth.

Naruto Sennin cosplay

Naruto cosplay

Finally, we have the option to use Naruto’s outfit in Sage mode . It is about the harmonic union between natural, physical and spiritual energy, which give the person an extraordinary capacity. When Naruto is in this mode, his outfit changes and he adds a red and black robe with flame pattern to his knees . Also, he carries the Shadow Clone Summoning Scroll hanging on his back. On his face, a red shadow covers his eyes and his pupils turn yellow. A different option for a more original Naruto cosplay.

As we saw, there are several clothes that are part of the character’s universe. Naruto is one of the outfits most chosen by cosplayers, so it is necessary to look for alternatives to stand out from the rest. In this note we saw several original ideas that can be very useful.