The best Nezuko Cosplay

The Nezuko character is one of the main characters in the manga and anime Guardians of the Night ( Kimetsu no Yaiba ). She is a girl who lives quietly in the mountains with her family, until they are killed. She manages to survive, but turns into a demon that, at times, becomes aggressive. However, she maintains her consciousness, memories, and feelings for her family. She accompanies her older brother, the other survivor, on her quest to become a demon hunter. For a good Nezuko cosplay , we have some ideas that may be useful to you.

Nezuko Cosplay

Nezuko Cosplay

For a Nezuko cosplay that respects the character, the first thing you need is the traditional pink kimono with a design with geometric figures . The detail of the white edges also adds fidelity. Then, the black robe above is also a must for this character. At her waist, the red and white checkered sash, with a green ribbon and a yellow rope that adjusts her dress. And at the bottom, the legs covered in bulky black fabric with white ribbon ties or, as in this case, pink. Lastly, she wears white stockings and sandals with pink straps on the feet. These are the basic elements of the dress, but they are not all you need to consider.

The details

Nezuko Cosplay

There are several details that make a Nezuko cosplay recognizable to the naked eye. The first and fundamental is the bamboo muzzle . In the series, this element is imposed on the character to avoid an accidental attack since she turned into a demon. The bamboo prevents Nezuko’s fangs from being a danger when she attacks someone. Therefore, it is an extremely characteristic element, which no fanatic can ignore.

Other elements are equally important. For example, we cannot forget that Nezuko’s hair is long and black , with some waves. But she also has the tips of the locks of red color. A little dye as in the photo will give even more realism to her characterization. Finally, the pink bow on the side of her head gives it the final and unmistakable touch. For a correct Nezuko cosplay, these details are essential.

Nezuko and Tanjiro cosplay

Nezuko cosplay

Nezuko’s character works perfectly to make a duet with her brother hers Tanjiro </ strong>, the protagonist of Night’s Watch. The brothers are a duo who share adventures and conflicts, so they work very well as a joint cosplay. In this case, the wooden box where Tanjiro carries her sister is also included so that she does not damage the sunlight. He has his signature plaid suit, and the sword to hunt down demons. In addition, the combed back and the scar on the forehead .

There are several issues to consider in order to make a good Nezuko cosplay. The characteristic dress, hairstyle and the inevitable bamboo muzzle are essential. And why not, a partner to play Tanjiro.