The Best Raphtalia Cosplay

The Rising of the Shield Hero (Tate no Yūsha no Nariagari) is a series of light novels, originally published as a web series and later adapted to manga and anime. Its protagonist is Naofumi, a warrior who carries the Shield, a powerful defensive team for combat. In his adventure he meets Raphtalia, a demi-human raccoon who becomes his ally. This character is very attractive because of his mixture of races, so he became one of the fan favorites. Here we bring the best Raphtalia cosplay that you can find.

Slave Raphtalia cosplay

Raphtalia cosplay

In the beginning of the story, Raphtalia is a slave who is sold as merchandise. Nofumi, the protagonist of her, is the one who buys her to rescue her and gives her a new appearance. This first Raphtalia cosplay is inspired by her initial appearance, when she is sold as a slave. raccoon ears and long copper hair , typical of the character, are unavoidable. In addition, she is barefoot and wears a dirty and untidy brown dress, and shackles on her hands, denoting her condition of slavery.

Cosplay from Raphtalia

With a much more careful and sensual appearance, this Raphtalia cosplay, by @shirogane_sama , also portrays her first meeting with Nofumi. In this case, the human-raccoon slave is dressed in a short embroidered outfit open at the sides and tied with laces, with beige ruffles on the shoulders, arms and wrists. In addition, she has long light boots above the knees and a red bow on her neck . The distinctive feature of her ears is added the pompous raccoon tail on the back, which is also characteristic of the character. A very sexy look for this adorable heroine.

Adult Raphtalia cosplay


Once freed by Nofumi, our raccoon heroine grows and takes on a much stronger appearance. Her clothing consists of a short red and black dress with gold details and buttons, on a white bedding tied at the neck with a red ribbon. In addition, she has long boots, above the knee, tied with leather laces. Her classic long hair with two ponytails in front of her frames a straight bangs . And of course the unmistakable raccoon features that any Raphtalia cosplay should have.

Cosplay with Rphtalia armor

Cosplay from Raphtalia

Finally, we have this outfit by MaggyCosplay that shows us the most combative version of Raphtalia. Several pieces of armor are added to her traditional dress: shin guards , chest , forearms and the right shoulder . All these parts simulate to be metallic, forming an armor. A black belt supports the dress, and completes the outfit with brown gloves. Also, this Raphtalia cosplay wouldn’t be complete without her great sword , which she uses to fight enemies.

In short, this adorable character has many possible versions according to the different stages of the story. These Raphtalia cosplay shows her evolution from being a slave until she becomes a warrior and Nofumi’s main ally in her adventure.