The Best Sailor Moon Cosplay

Sailor Moon (Bishōjo Senshi Sērā Mūn) is a series of manga launched in 1991 that had its adaptation to the anime since 1992. It tells the story of some teenagers from Tokyo who discover their identity as Sailor Senshi, some vigilantes in sailor suits. They are the reincarnations of the ancient Sailor Senshi belonging to a disappeared kingdom. This fantastic and engaging story has many interesting characters to inspire Sailor Moon cosplay individually and as a group.

Usagi Tsukino cosplay

Sailor Moon cosplay

Usagi, also known as Bunny or Serena, is the protagonist of the series and, therefore, one of the characters most loved by fans. She is the civil identity of Sailor Moon, the leader of the heroines of the saga. Her outfit is a classic school uniform , with a blue skirt and a white shirt with a wide collar, white socks and black shoes. She wears a school bag and a big red bow on her chest . In addition to her outfit, she has a characteristic hairstyle consisting of two high buns at the sides of the head , from which two long blonde pigtails emerge.

Sailor Moon cosplay

Sailor cosplay Moon

Usagi herself is the secret identity of Sailor Moon, the protagonist and leader of the series. Her outfit is based on the school uniform, but with several differences. Her shirt is tighter and ends in a V at her waist. Also, she wears long white gloves and a tight red collar. In her hair, her buns now feature red barrettes and a moon-shaped forehead charm . Added to her chest clasp, she carries a moon staff that she uses as a weapon. This excellent Saiolr Moon cosplay is the work of @bunny__moon .

Sailor Mercury cosplay

Sailor Mercuty cosplay

Another character that receives great attention is Sailor Mercury, one of the heroines who accompany Sailor Moon on her adventures. She is also one of the protectors of Princess Serenity from the ancient lunar kingdom called the Silver Millennium. This outfit from Stefan Schubert is identical to the original from the manga and anime. It consists of a blue skirt and a white T-shirt finished in a V, with a large blue bow on the chest . He elbow-length white gloves and long blue pointed boots. The essential details: the star necklace and the golden tiara with a blue gem , underneath the short dark hair.

Group Saiolr Moon cosplay

Sailor Moon cosplay

As with many manga and anime, Sailor Moon cosplay lends itself to assembling combo groups. In this case, in addition to the 5 warriors, the group is made up of two additional characters. One is the character of Tuxedo Mask, a kind of Sailor Moon helper who appears whenever she needs him. He wears a tuxedo-like suit with a cape black on the outside and red on the inside. The details are the top, white gloves, a rose in hand and the unmistakable mask that gives the character its name. Also present is Queen Beryl, villain of the series, with her purple suit, bracelet and necklace. The distinctive: the V ornament on the forehead .